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National Boiler Service Announces Mobile Welder Certification Center

National Boiler Service, a national contractor specializing in critical services for industrial boilers, has engineered and constructed a Mobile Welder Certification Center to expedite verifying that all welders working on a job are ASME compliant and meet any independent client requirements. A trailer with 7 welding stations, the test center can certify up to 20 welders in a 10-hour day—nearly double the rate of a typical temporary test center erected at a boiler service job site.


All welding machines in the Mobile Welder Certification Center can be set for Stick (SMAW), TIG (GTAW), Flux Core (FCAW) or MIG (GMAW) certification. The mobile center also carries the requisite equipment for boiler tube training and for certifying welders with a bend test.


NBS Welding Trailer

National Boiler Service’s Mobile Welder Certification Center on site.


Ready for testing immediately upon arrival at a job site, the mobile test center avoids the delays incurred by setting up a site-specific temporary test center and can certify welders at an expedited rate. Costs associated with setting up a temporary center on site are eliminated, facility downtime is minimized, and jobs are completed more quickly.


“Our Mobile Welder Certification Center is a fundamental component in the plan-oriented way we approach boiler service,” says Jason Doan, Chief Information Officer at National Boiler Service. “Developing resources and strategies like the test center allows us to create standards and earn efficiencies early on in the process, ensuring that we execute jobs flawlessly and on time.”


National Boiler Service also makes the Mobile Welder Certification Center and its experienced welding instructors available for training.


Contact National Boiler Services at 1-877-360-0858 to inquire about the availability of Mobile Welder Certification Center, or visit www.nationalboiler.com to learn more about the company’s boiler services.


About National Boiler Services


Established in 1989 with a focus on safe, quality production, National Boiler Service (NBS) is the boiler shutdown contractor of choice for power producing plants throughout North America. NBS averages 120 outages and 800,000 project hours annually, devoting more than 300 years of combined experience to servicing and installing industrial boilers and essential equipment. Licensed to operate in 39 states, NBS has the experience and a professional and capable workforce database of more than 10,000 to complete jobs safely, on time, and with top-notch quality.


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