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Code Vessel Repair

Code Vessel Shop

NBS Code Vessel Shop - Specialized, quality people doing exceptional work.

National Boiler Services has on-site and field fabrication capabilities, including highly-skilled and certified welders, equipped to service pressure vessels as well as power and process piping.

We are certified by the ASME to perform pressure vessel services as well as the NBIC and National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NB) to perform inspection and repair services.

ASME Code Pressure Vessels

Outline in ASME Section VIII - Division 1, NBS follows strict requirements applicable to the design, fabrication, inspection, testing, and certification of code pressure vessels. We are capable of designing, constructing, making alterations, and repairing using the latest pressure vessel technology.

We are also one of the few boiler service companies east of the Mississippi that can do ASME Section VIII, Division 2 alterations and repairs.

In compliance with ASME pressure vessel standards, we are code certified with the following:

  • ASME U Stamp
  • ASME R Stamp
  • ASME S Stamp

We are also experts in applying appropriate design requirements outlined in ASME Section VIII, Division 2, and we employ experienced welders that are certified to ASME section IX before any code welding occurs.

Process Piping and Lethal Service

We provide process piping inspection, design, construction, and alterations in compliance with ASME B31.3 standards. We are also capable of providing lethal service for piping system alterations to specifications - also known as Category M fluids - to reduce personnel exposure to toxic fluids.

Retube Heat Exchangers and Vessels

The collective experience in our code vessel shop is a distinct advantage, and we have specialized, quality people that are experts in retubing heat exchangers and pressure vessels. By implementing an improved design, we can achieve higher thermal efficiency, greater corrosion resistance, and lower cost.

Our location is another major advantage, as is our strategic partnerships with top-of-the-line, local suppliers, expediting the procurement process and shortening time for project completion.

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have any questions about our Code Vessel Shop or pressure vessel capabilities.