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Boiler Equipment Serviced

Equipment Serviced

NBS boiler equipment field services - Installation, upgrades, and repair for essential boiler equipment.

NBS conducts successful boiler equipment installations, repairs, and upgrades to meet your toughest cost and efficiency standards. With more than 900,000 project hours logged annually, we provide expert boiler component and equipment field services aimed at significantly reducing boiler inefficiencies and costly downtime.

Boiler Generating Bank

Boiler Generating Banks

Consistent results, outage after outage - Our state-of-the-art data collection system delivers consistent results, every time.

Boiler Economizer

Boiler Economizers

Reduce fuel requirements and operating costs - We improve boiler performance with the latest in platen-designed economizers.

Boiler Superheaters


Ensure optimal temperature ranges are maintained - Rely on our field experience when upgrading or replacing superheaters.

Furnace Panels

Furnace Panel

Expert panel replacement -  We carefully consider rigging access, fabrication, and weld positioning during panel replacement.

Boiler Burners

Boiler Burners

Optimizing fuel burning systems - We retrofit and upgrade existing boiler burners for efficient boiler combustion.

Boiler Air Heaters

Air Heaters

Solving the toughest boiler challenges -  We service tubular and regenerative air heaters for maximum thermal efficiency.

Boiler Steel Replacement

Steel Replacement

Safe, quality steel replacement - Experienced steel replacement and repairs for stoker rebuilds and boiler scrubbers.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

Code certified service - Code certified service - We're authorized by ASME, NBIC, and NB to perform pressure vessel repair and installation.

Boiler Code Piping

Boiler Code Piping

Full-service piping solutions - As a turnkey boiler piping contractor, we offer expert installation and cleaning services.