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Boiler Safety


NBS is committed to safe, quality production that is compliant with ASME, NBIC, and OSHA standards. Our boiler safety program has been fully audited & approved by companies across several major industries.  We continuously work to improve vital safety processes to achieve our goal of zero injuries and incidents - Aiming to reduce safety and health risk, minimize our environmental impact, and maximize efficiency.

Our Advantages

NBS safety procedures meet or exceed OSHA guidelines, including full compliance with customer-specific safety regulations, and a minimum of one highly-trained and qualified Safety Manager per shift on every job to ensure safety compliance.

We continuously improve our safety processes to ensure that we stay on the path to industry-leading safety excellence.  Dedicated safety program improvements include:

  • Adopting a behavioral based safety culture to ensure safety compliance from top to bottom.

  • Recruiting professional safety personnel to the NBS team.

  • Enhancing our safety manual and augmenting with updated on-boarding and orientation videos.

  • Involving immediate supervisors and foremen in annual safety seminars

Superior Safety Planning

Superior boiler safety planning means we apply the principle of doing it right the first time, every time, to every project phase.  Safety is at the core of our process, and steps are executed efficiently to ensure the safety of our employees -- our most valuable asset.

NBS develops a Site Specific Safety Action Plan for each project that includes breaking down project requirements into tasks and steps, identifying potential hazards, and determining proper accountability and controls ahead of project execution.  To ensure maximum safety on all projects, NBS:

  • Employs qualified Safety Professional that are OSHA certified to industry compliance.

  • Utilizes experienced safety managers on every job and each shift.

  • Participates in site specific training of all employees.

  • Practices the Behavioral Based Safety mentality with employees.

  • Requires 100% drug testing of field employees on every project with scheduled random testing also.

  • Coordinates with all subcontractors to ensure hire-in orientations and efficient project planning and executions

Supporting Our Vision

National Boiler Service values the safety and health of our employees above all other concerns, and nothing in our organization is more important than the lives and health of our employees.

Safe, Quality Production serves as our foundation, the processes which are fully supported by ongoing safety training in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  Supervision and safety training includes:

  • 10-hour and 30-hour certification OSHA classes

  • Forklift training and certification-to-train

  • Crane safety training

  • CPR & first-aid training

  • Confined space attendant training

  • Fire watch attendant training

  • Level 1 Rigging and Signal Person Training Courses

  • Oral/Urine/Alcohol Training and Certification

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 to learn more about commitment to higher safety standards or to request a copy of our safety literature.

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