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Boiler Services


With more than 900,000 project hours logged annually and 300 years of combined experience, our team offers expert boiler solutions and services - from schedule development, boiler construction, and thorough project planning to custom fabrication and more.

NBS offers full-service capabilities for any size project, starting with a dedicated preplanning process to ensure we meet or exceed project and shutdown schedules.

Industry leading boiler service

NBS is an industry leader in boiler maintenance and repair for industrial plants nationwide.

Maintain optimal temperature ranges

Rely on our field experience when upgrading or replacing superheaters.

Expert piping fabrication and installation

NBS offers ASME/NBIC certified welding and shop and field fabrication service.

Concept to completion

We provide turnkey project management service, from budget development to outage assistance.

Code certified expertise

Pressure vessel service authorized by the NBIC, ASME and NB for a variety of code certified work.

Dedicated project planning

NBS offers expert project planning, from constructability to schedule development.

Rigorous quality control training

NBS provides code certified welding for critical boiler components, process piping, and more.

professional stud welding services

NBS can install a wide range of studs for common boiler types.

Safe, quality steel replacement

Experienced steel replacement and repairs for stoker rebuilds and boiler scrubbers.

On-site and field fabrication

NBS offers customized fabrication to meet exact component and equipment specifications.



NBS boiler maintenance and repair capabilities

National Boiler Services is a leading provider of boiler maintenance and repair services for industrial plants nationwide. NBS offers expertise in the most vital boiler care standards.

Boiler Maintenance

General and preventative boiler maintenance is the number one way to avoid costly outages and expensive equipment repairs. At NBS, our maintenance services cover everything from cleaning to scheduled repairs. We provide maintenance for all boiler types including gas, coal, biomass, and bark. A yearly maintenance program ensures optimum boiler efficiency and savings.

Emergency Services

NBS is committed to reducing costs and safety incidents associated with sudden outages. With a dedicated emergency hotline staffed 24/7, we are able to deploy emergency response trailers within hours of your call. Our superintendents are located throughout the nation to arrange for the most experienced professionals and tooling for each specific repair. Call (877) 360-0858.

Boiler Update and Reconditioning

Updating your boiler on a regular basis can increase the longevity of your boiler system and improve operational efficiency. From chemical recovery boilers to multi-fuel power / utility boilers, both foreign and domestic, NBS has experience in retrofitting, fabricating, and installing of boilers and boiler related equipment.

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have any questions about our boiler maintenance and repair services.

Boiler Maintenance & Repair


Specialized, quality people doing exceptional work

National Boiler Services has on-site and field fabrication capabilities, including highly-skilled and certified welders, equipped to service pressure vessels as well as power and process piping.


We are certified by the ASME to perform pressure vessel services as well as the NBIC and National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NB) to perform inspection and repair services.  We employ experienced welders that are certified to ASME section IX before any code welding occurs.

ASME Code Pressure Vessels

NBS follows strict requirements applicable to the design, fabrication, inspection, testing, and certification of code pressure vessels outlined in ASME Section VIII, Division 1. We are capable of designing, constructing, making alterations, and repairing using the latest pressure vessel technology.  We are also one of the few boiler service companies east of the Mississippi that can perform ASME Section VIII, Division 2 alterations and repairs.

In compliance with ASME pressure vessel standards, we are code certified with the following:

  • ASME U Stamp:  Fabrication or weld modifications of unfired pressure vessels

  • ASME R Stamp:  Repair and/or alteration of boilers and pressure vessels

  • ASME S Stamp:  Power Boilers (15+ psi steam, 160+ psi water, 250+ °F)


Process Piping and Lethal Service

We provide process piping inspection, design, construction, and alterations in compliance with ASME B31.3 standards. We are also capable of providing lethal service for piping system alterations to specifications - also known as Category M fluids - to reduce personnel exposure to toxic fluids.

Retube Heat Exchangers and Vessels

The collective experience in our code vessel shop is a distinct advantage, and we have specialized, quality people that are experts in retubing heat exchangers and pressure vessels. By implementing an improved design, we can achieve higher thermal efficiency, greater corrosion resistance, and lower cost.


Our location is another major advantage, as is our strategic partnerships with top-of-the-line, local suppliers, expediting the procurement process and shortening time for project completion.

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have any questions about our Code Vessel Shop or pressure vessel capabilities.

Code Vessel Shop


Industry-leading knowledge of ASME and NBIC standards

At NBS, a large percentage of any project involves engineering design and calculations as part of our dedicated project planning process. As an industry authority in ASME and NBIC standards, we fully understand the importance of engineering design and calculation for project success.


We can assist your team in ensuring all project planning fully considers ASME and NBIC compliance, including:

  • Design and Construction - ASME Section I and ASME Sect. VIIIA

  • Boiler Repairs of Routine Nature

  • ASME Code Calculations and Vessel/Structural Design

Boiler Alterations

All boiler alterations are conducted under strict guidelines outlined in the latest addenda of ASME Sect. I. NBS employs expert CAD design to ensure all compliance points are met and delivered throughout the alteration process.


Pressure vessel design and construction is in full compliance with ASME Sect. VIII. Our team of certified welders - backed by our very own experts at our on-site welding school - helps us to cut down on defects in workmanship. We consistently conduct welding mockup tests to make sure we can weld the latest in exotic metals, with quality and weld control established and very stringent.

Repair of a Routine Nature

As part of routine boiler repairs - or commonly referred to as a repair of routine nature - we ensure that a repair plan that considers any state-specific requirements is in place before any work begins.


Experienced in multiple jurisdictions doing repairs, NBS is licensed in more than 39 states to conduct boiler repairs of routine nature, including:

  • Refractory Repair

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Casing Repair

  • Tube Cleaning

  • Boiler Rebuilding and Retubing

  • Boiler Controls/Safety Checks

Engineering Services

Establishing a repair plan requires careful consideration of securing and cleaning the boiler, safety and accessibility, material requirements, and identifying appropriate and compliant personnel, equipment, and documentation.


At NBS, our engineering team assists in establishing repair requirements and communicating the field identification methods and duration of the repair process. Additional engineering services we offer include:

  • Pressure testing requirements according to applicable, state-specific standards

  • ASME Code Calculations for accuracy - Section VII

  • Vessel and structural design

  • Installing platforms for access according to AISC and ASME design specifications and IBC code

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our engineering design and calculation services.

Engineering Design


Customized options for all sizes and specifications

National Boiler Services has an on-site fabrication shop staffed with qualified professionals and a collective 675 years of experience.  We have the ability to manage fabrication for heavy components such as pressure vessels and economizers as well as power and process piping, both on-site and in the field.


Our fabrication capabilities allow us to provide services for a wide range of industrial needs.  Our experience in plant maintenance operations includes, but is not limited to, the Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Refinery, and Pulp & Paper industries.

Our Capabilities



NBS provides safe and quality welding services for all materials. Our quality standards are among the highest in the industry, with Welder Certification maintained by an electronic Welder Management System at the corporate office.

Shop & Field Fabrication

Depending on the scope and size of the fabrication project, NBS offers both shop and field fabrication services. This determination is made during the planning stages of the project.

Metal Work

Fabrication of certain metals requires a level of expertise not found in all fabrication shops. The staff at NBS has experience working with various metal types, including carbon, chrome, stainless, and exotic - including p91 materials.

Code Certification

All fabrication at NBS is code certified. This is achieved through adhering to clearly defined Quality Assurance procedures which are in compliance with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) codes.

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our fabrication services.



NBS specializes in fabricating and installing process piping

At NBS, our employees are experienced in process piping fabrication and installation.  With ASME and NBIC compliant quality assurance procedures, we provide process piping services that ensure a safe, quality job.

Piping Fabrication

NBS has an on-site fabrication shop that allows us to create customized piping solutions to match specifications. We are experienced in working with many different metals, both on-site and off-site, and our engineers are code certified.  Process piping services that we provide include:

  • Piping fabrication

  • Welding of all materials

  • Shop and field fabrication

  • Carbon, chrome, stainless, and other exotic metals

  • Code certified work

Piping Installation

Our experienced technicians are certified to perform all aspects of piping installation, both new and replacement. From fabrication to welding, the NBS team has worked with Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Refinery, and Pulp & Paper applications. Our mechanical installation knowledge leads to a safe and quality installation every time.

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our piping services.

Process Piping


NBS provides specialized analysis and upfront planning

Allowing National Boiler Services to assist you with project planning gives you access to some of the most experienced project planners in the industrial service industry.

Our Capabilities


Budget Assistance

During the proposal phase, both marketing and engineering departments join forces to assist clients in developing a preliminary budget. By determining project and investment specifications, NBS uses several preplanning steps to provide expert budgeting recommendations.


A constructability analysis can assist in determining the optimal construction processes and work methodology. NBS can assist with determining materials, plans, scheduling, and outage timeframes, as well as comparing the benefits of modularization vs. field assembly.

Schedule Development

NBS specializes in developing schedules for planned outages. By optimizing resources beginning in the planning stages, NBS constructs an outage schedule that will allow the work to be done in a safe, quality manner while minimizing downtime.

Scope Development

Project planning often involves preplanning activities such as scope development. NBS can coordinate scope development for a wide range of situations, including Order of Magnitude, Annual Inspect and Repair, and Capital Expenditures.

Shop Inspection of Fabrication

NBS has shop fabrication capabilities that extend to many industrial materials. These capabilities allow for shop inspection based on strict quality control that is in compliance with ASME  and NBIC standards.

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our project planning services.

Project Planning


NBS takes your project from concept to completion

National Boiler Services provides full-service project management capabilities for projects of all sizes. By employing NBS to fully manage your next project, you are putting years of plant management experience to work for you.

Our Capabilities


Budget Development

NBS budget development falls in to one of three categories:


  • Order of Magnitude Budgets are ideal for projects at the plant or feasibility levels.

  • Firm Price Bids encompass projects with a defined scope or written specifications.

  • Time and Materials Budgets are primarily for repair work

Outage Assistance

With more than 20 years of experience in outage assistance, NBS understands the importance of the critical path of an outage. The ability to identify problem areas in advance enables effective communication, elimination of interference between entities, and reduction in schedule slippage.

Cost Tracking

The cost tracking system at NBS is state-of-the-art. Using our proprietary computer application to track time, we are able to control expenditures by reviewing job-to-date costs on time and materials as well as cost per unit projects. Up-to-the-minute information can be available at the end of each shift change if necessary.

On-site Services

Prior to beginning any project, NBS conducts an on-site visit to address any constructability or accessibility concerns. Through spending time on-site, NBS is able to develop a methodology for the project and evaluate concrete needs such as the benefits of modularization vs. field assembly.

Schedule Tracking

Schedule tracking and maintenance at NBS is achieved through management by experienced superintendents and foremen. Prior to each shift, project managers compare actual progress to scheduled progress and manage any concerns to keep each project on track for its scheduled completion.

Shop Inspection

NBS recognizes the importance of quality. That is why our shop inspection procedures are based on compliance with ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and NBIC (National Board Inspection Codes).

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our industrial project management services.

Project Management


Code Compliant Welding Services

At NBS, our QC inspectors and most supervisors have a welding background and have been through our rigorous QC training program. This program consists of Visual Examination, Weld Inspection Technology, NBIC Training, ASME Sect. IX, Document Control, Liquid Penetrant Testing, and Communication. All certifications are maintained at our corporate office.

Our infrastructure allows the QC Program to address any code or production problems that might arise. Starting with a belief that communication is essential for quality, we promote supervisor involvement throughout the process.

Our Capabilities

By providing both field and in-house fabrication capabilities, NBS is able to provide welding services for boiler elements that include:

  • Superheater and Reheater Steam Lines

  • Fuel (Gas, Coal, and Oil)

  • Process Piping

  • Water and Air.

We Provide

Our on-site fabrication shop provides:

  • Welding of all materials

  • Fabrication of boiler pressure parts, including drums and heaters

  • Shop and field fabrication

  • Carbon, chrome, stainless, and other exotic metals

  • Code certified work

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our specialized welding services.

Specialized Welding


NBS provides expert structural steel replacement and repairs for stoker rebuilds and boiler scrubbers

At National Boiler Service, structural steel renewal and replacement is critical to maintain continuous operation of vital boiler components and equipment. We offer experienced field service for stoker repairs and complete stoker rebuilds, as well as expert field installation of boiler scrubbers to ensure compliance with EPA standards.


NBS also offers shop and field fabrication capabilities - including code certified welding for carbon, chrome, stainless, and other exotic metals - to ensure safe, quality steel replacement.

Our Process

The NBS team is well versed in every aspect of boiler maintenance, repair, and installation. We conduct a dedicated preplanning process for all boiler equipment and components to identify efficiency improvements at every phase of the project. This commitment to preplanning allows us to consistently meet or beat shutdown and project schedules, as well as prolong the life of your boiler equipment. NBS boiler stoker and scrubber capabilities include:

  • Complete stoker rebuild and repairs, including mass firing, spreader firing, vibrating conveying grate, traveling, and more.

  • Inspection of stoker to determine wear and tear around bearings and other critical areas.

  • Repair and replacement of stoker front and walls, doors, and fuel feeder chutes.

  • Field installation and repairs of boiler scrubbers, including the absorber or scrubber vessel.

Our Customers

Whether a scheduled shutdown or emergency repair, NBS has an experienced team that can perform cost-effective steel replacement to ensure your boiler system operates with maximum safety and efficiency.  Successful steel replacement and repairs include:

  • Dominion Possum Point - Virginia

  • Dominion Clover Station - Virginia

  • International Paper Company - Louisiana

  • Boise Paper - Alabama

  • Georgia Pacific - Alabama

  • International Paper Company - Georgia

Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our steel replacement services.

Steel Replacement


Code Compliant Welding Services

National Boiler Service provides professional stud welding services for major industries, including Pulp and Paper, Power and Utility and Chemical and Refinery.

We employ a skilled workforce with advanced stud welding training and years of service in the industry, providing recommendations on solutions that help reduce risk of equipment failure and downtime.

Our Capabilities

Our experienced stud welding team is capable of installing a wide range of studs for common boiler types, including recovery and power boilers, two of the most common applications for stud welding field service.


We provide the latest in chrome-infused studs with superior corrosion and erosion resistance, guaranteeing a level of performance and reliability that few can duplicate.

Our stud welding capabilities include:

  • Installations - 3/8" and 1/2" diameter

  • Higher quality, chrome infused 1/2" diameter studs designed for recovery boilers - longer life than plain carbon steel studs

  • Diffusion coatings for both shop and field applications

  • Chromizing services to achieve corrosion/erosion resistance for the Pulp and Paper and Utility industries

  • Power boiler refractory anchor studs for cyclone boilers - stainless steel stud instead of traditional carbon steel studs 

  • Emergency stud welding service

Our Services

As part of our code compliant, specialized welding services, we employ qualified QC supervisors and inspectors on every job who have completed our rigorous QC training program.

Our Q/C training program includes Visual Examination, Weld Inspection Technology, NBIC Training, ASME Sect. IX, Document Control, Liquid Penetrant Testing and Communication. All certifications are current and maintained at our corporate office.

We provide both field and in-house fabrication capabilities, including welding services for boiler elements:

  • Superheater and Reheater Steam Lines

  • Fuel (Gas, Coal, and Oil)

  • Process Piping

  • Water and Air


Contact us or call (877) 360-0858 if you have questions about our stud welding services.

Stud Welding
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